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NXT World Forum

Saudi Esports Federation

We create a full CGI film, showcasing the limitless potential of virtual realms in the gaming world. The movie was an intro for the NXT World Forum in Riyadh.

We are proud to announce another CGI film produced in collaboration with the Saudi Esports Federation and Bengale Agency. This film was produce for the Next World Forum launch event, a prestigious gathering of gaming enthusi-asts, industry leaders, and tech experts.

The film, a full CGI production, showcases the limitless potential of virtual realms and captures the essence of the gaming world in the Saudi kingdom.

A collaboration between Grandpa's and the Saudi Esports Federation, celebrating the fusion of design, technology and  gaming.

We put forth every effort to craft a film that transports the audience into the mesmerizing realm of the Next World Forum. The CGI production seamlessly blends photorealistic characters, landscapes, and intricately designed elements, enveloping viewers in a surreal yet entirely believable universe.

The collaboration between Grandpa's Lab and the Saudi Esports Federation has resulted in a creative film that celebrates the fusion of technology, gaming, and human ambition. The partnership underscores the Saudi Esports Federation's commitment to supporting the gaming industry and fostering innovation and Grandpa's dedication to producing thought-provoking and visually spectacular content.

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