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The Cosmic Voyage, 360º Immersive Experience

Brand Experience for Glenfiddich.
Singapore and Malaysia

Transforming Rlon Wang's celestial artwork into the immersive 360º Cosmic Voyage in Singapore.

We turned this artwork into an immersive 360º cinematic expirience. Celestial-themed illustrations by artist Rlon Wang.

We present to you the Cosmic Voyage. Grandpa's Lab collaborated with Glenfiddich, the world's leading single malt scotch whisky founded in 1886 by the visionary pioneer William Glenn.

At this Lunar New Year celebration, we were invited by The Teeth (Singapore) to create an immersive 360° cinematic experience. The main event was an exquisite activation that involved all the four special editions of this world-recognized scotch.

We transformed Rlong Wang's artwork into a 3D animation movie with quadraphonic surround sound for a truly immersive experience.

The audience enters the room and the door shuts behind them. Suddenly they are in the middle of a fantastic narrative that starts at the “Valley of the Deer” and skyrockets in search of the royal stag that lives among the stars. All this beautiful cosmic artwork was developed for Glenfiddich by Rlong Wang. Our internal art department made an incredible job transforming it into a 3D three-sixty animation.

This activation was implemented in Singapore and Malaysia, both teams received technical advisory and blueprints from our side to make the immersive effect function properly. The sound was mixed in four channels to give the quadraphonic surround sensation.

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