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Fifa WC ‘22 — Lusail 3D Billboards

Qatari Diar

Unite for a sustainable world through the power of sports, educating, raising awareness, and fostering a healthy, connected humanit.

Billions of individuals are involved in sports as spectators, practitioners, or facilitators. Sports play an important role in educating and raising awareness about global warming and environmental issues, promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

We are all connected. We all want a better earth, a better planet, and a gentle and kinder humanity.

Explore the Passion Drive movie and Connection movie concepts, where you can delve into the themes of  Sea, Landscape, and Culture.

The concept for the initial film was centered around "Passion Drive," where we narrate the journey of a young Qatari boy who evolves into a professional football player.

The second film concept introduces "Connection," encompassing three themes: Qatar's marine life, its natural landscapes, and the country's rich cultural heritage.

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