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Grandpa's ID

Internal Project

Grandpa's new logo replaces our legacy old fella beard portrait, with a sophisticated minimal shape.

Our studio's latest CG film is a bold exploration of creativity and innovation, marking a new era in our journey. With a unique blend of abstract, bold, and conservative aesthetics, we're redefining the boundaries of visual storytelling. Our dedicated team crafts each frame to not just tell a story, but to evoke emotion and inspire imagination. Experience our new vision—where art meets ambition.

New Logo


Our studio develops visual content with a distinct, abstract look and feel.

Focused on abstract design spaces, we produce visuals that embody the future: minimalistic, techy, and beyond conventional boundaries. Our approach combines innovation and creativity to deliver projects that captivate and inspire.


Our studio delves into the realm of real-world space design,

embracing a bold aesthetic that highlights the exploration of materiality and tactile experiences. We aim to transcend traditional design boundaries by focusing on projects that resonate with the vibrancy of bold and saturated colours. Our work is a testament to the power of bold aesthetics, creating spaces that are not only visually striking but also rich in sensory experiences. Through meticulous attention to detail and a fearless approach to colour, we craft environments that evoke emotion and inspire interaction.


Our studio also embraces a conservative and institutional approach to design,

focusing on projects that embody formality and sophistication. We specialize in exploring the nuances of quiet, clean spaces illuminated by dramatic lighting. Our commitment to this aesthetic ensures that each project conveys a sense of dignity and elegance. Through precise design and a refined use of light, we create environments that are both serene and commanding, reflecting a deep respect for traditional values and timeless beauty.


Discover our newly launched website, designed as an ethereal space

where reality and digital realms intertwine. Our video invites you to dwell between screens, navigating through a seamless blend of virtual and physical dimensions. Experience a unique journey through our innovative approach to digital interaction and aesthetic exploration.


In the R&D phase of our project, we meticulously crafted numerous iterations of our new logo.

This process not only showcased our team's dedication to innovation but also highlighted our rich experience in blending creativity with research. Our approach ensures that every design element is both unique and meaningful.

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Fifa WC ‘22 — Lusail 3D Billboards
Qatari Diar